Universal baby carriage with bassinet (gondol), a stroller seat and car seat in 3in1 version. The pram version is intended for children from one month to six months (maximum weight: 9 kg), the stroller version – from one month to 3 years (maximum weight 15 kg). Modern lightweight aluminium frame is provided with swivelling front wheels, helpfull in narrow passages. In more difficult terrain conditions, wheels can be locked forward to make the steering easier.


- An innovative lightweight aluminum construction with a choice one of three colors;

- Amortized construction and  adjustable hardness suspension;

- An innovative folding system bogie frame;

- Increased gondola;

- Swiveling front wheels are fitted with the DMS storage systems and shock absorption SAS;

- Pumped front and rear wheels that can be locked;

- Upholstery trolley and bags with elements of quilting;

- Adjustable backrest in gondola;

- Gondola with rocking function can be locked;

- Adjustable hood;

- Additional ventilation in the hood of gondola;

- Handle and barrier made of high quality eko skin;

- Height adjustable handle;

- Masked gondola carrying handle;

- The ability to rotate the stroller seat in the two directions;

- Adjustable backrest of the seat in 3 positions;

- Stroller seat suitable for children under 6 months of age

- Adjustable leg rest;

- 5 point safety belts;

- Removable safety barrier in the form of a bow;

- Trim consolation protect against the negative influence of UV radiation;


- Aluminum chassis

- Gondola equipped with hood, bag and mattress

- Stroller seat equipped with a mattress, hood and footmuff 

- Changing bag

- Roomy shopping basket

- Cup holder

- Mosquito nets to protect the child against insects

- Rain cover on the stroller

Possibility to buy an umbrella and a car seat in the same color and fabric.

Ready for Ramatti, Maxi-Cosi, Cybex and Berber car seats through appropriate adapters.

Pram designed for children from birth to 36 months and the maximum child's weight of 15 kg.


SAS - Shock Absorption System - to improve ride comfort, the front wheel swivel mechanisms are equipped with shock-absorbing elements, which absorb vibrations caused by uneven road conditions, which the pushchair is riding over. Each mechanism has its own shock absorber for greater comfort overcoming the irregular terrain.

sDMS* - Direction Memory System - Overcoming uneven road urfaces by front wheels may cause detachment of one of the wheels from the surface when the second wheel overcomes the obstacle. In these situations the wheel that loses contact with the ground can start independent rotation and change its position in relation to the second wheel. When the wheel contacts the surface again and is trying to return to the proper lane that can cause vibrations. The Direction Memory System is designed to remember the position which the wheel had before losing contact with the surface.


 OPTION 3 in 1         

RAMATTI MARS Comfort car seat have European Safety certificate, according to norm ECE R44/04.

Special price for car seat when you buy 3 i 1 sett:  kr. 1000,-



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Bebetto Vulcano 2 i 1 duovogn / 3 i 1 startpakke med bilsete i matchende design / farge


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