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Folding sledge bag

TFD 00100
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Convenient bag, designed for easy carrying, storage and transportation of your folding sledge. There is also enough room to put the flexible slats support just beside the sledge.

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Folding sledge bag



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 VT-Sport is the biggest supplier of wooden sledges in the European marketplace. Colint, our manufacturer which belongs to VT Sport, has been producing sledges for almost 50 years and has gained a huge popularity in Western Europe as well as receiving the highest accolades for the quality of our products. We always endeavour to make our sledges durable, hardwearing and easy to use whilst retaining a traditional look. This is why we are always working to constantly improve our models. In 2006 we introduced the first foldable sledge which is automatically lockable, leaving all other foldable sledges available on the market behind us in technological development. Our model overtook them with the quality of workmanship and the materials used for their construction as well as by virtue of their lightness, great looks and their comfort safety and ease of use.

All of our new designs have a European patent, and some are patented outside Europe too. The wood used for the production of VT Sport sledges comes from renewable sources and has FSC certification. All our products have TUV/GS Quality and Safety certification and have been tested for the emission of formaldehydes, complying to European Union standards. We invite you to read the certificates.



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Pris: 149.00 nok

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