Junama SPORT



2016 Junama SPORT

Innovative, classic stroller !


Classic rediscovered  !

Designers playing with the conventions created a classic model with an innovative design.

The anode rims and unique applications on stroller's gondola give it elegance and styling adequate for the twenty first century.

All colors are made of luxurious eco-leather, which adds the stylish look.


2 i 1 duovogn pakke 

3 i 1 pakke med bilsete i matchende design

4 i 1 pakke med bilsete og Isofix bilbase

2 i 1 prispakke inkludert :

- Barnevognen aluminiumsramme

- Gondol / Dypbag + footmuff 

- Sportsvogn setedel + footmuff

- Bag / stelleveske med stelleteppe

- Myk insert / madrass til sportsvognen

- Romslig handlekurv / ryggsekk med zip

- Regntrekk

- Myggnett

- Flaskeholder

VALGFRITT 3 i 1 pakke

+ Bilsete i matchende design / farge + adapter 

VALGFRITT 4 i 1 pakke

Bilsete i matchende design / farge + adapter + Isofix Base System




Fargenr 01 grey


Fargenr 02 


Fargenr 03  beige


Fargenr 04 ecru


Fargenr 05 brown


Fargenr 06 pastel blue


Fargenr 07 menthol



Fargenr 08 white


All fabrics has authorisation of Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

NB! Ta spørre oss om farge tilgjengeligheten og leveringstid.



1. Stabil og solid, men lett aluminiumsramme 

2. Avansert / moderne fjærer suspensjon - innovativ amortisering system 

3. Fire pumpethjul / dimensj. 12'' 

4. Romslig handlekurven / ryggsekk med zipper

5. Innovativt "click" system for å knytte gondolen / sportsvogn sete / bilsete 

6. Sentralbrems

7. Funksjonell og elegant bag for små elementer med stellematte i matchende farge (med skulderrem og rask monteringssystemet på ramme)

8. Fire posisjoner nakkestøtte i gondolen med full liggende posisjon 

9. Mykt polstring / fyll i madrass

10. Høyde justerbart håndtak laget av øko - skinn

11. Stor komfortabel og praktisk sportsvogn setedel

12. 5-punkts sikkerhetsbelter 

13. Muligheten til å montere barnevogn / sportsvogn front eller bakover 

14. To fotposer - gondol og sportsvogn setedel

15. Cotton lining og ekstra terry madrass på gondol

16. Multi - trinns høydejustering

17. Regntrekk (ventilert) som dekker hele overflaten av gondolen

18. Håndtak på gondol

19. Justerbar fotstøtte i sportsvogn sete

20. Justerbart håndtak dekket med eco lær

21. Reflekterende punkter i gondolen, barnevognen og posen

22. Ekstern justering av nakkestøtte i gondolen

23. Ryggstøtte kan justeres til liggende posisjon pa sportsvogn sete

24. Forskjelige farger  - se nedenfor



Junama by Tako. This is a higher-end stroller line, with a completely new frame design. It is aimed for the most discerning contemporary parent, with a robust and durable yet very stylish stroller. It has been equipped with a very soft suspension system, allowing you to rock the baby to sleep, just like the old-style. This stroller is ready for the most difficult terrain, and every walk will be a pleasure for you and your baby.

Luxurious eco-leather will make sure your stroller does not go unnoticed.

The package comes complete with a bassinet, toddler seat, a matching diaper bag, additional bag on the shopping basket, mosquito net and rain cover. You can easily convert the stroller into a travel system, with optional car seat adapters that you can purchase separately.

The luxurious fabrics are Oeko-Tex 100 Standard Certified to bring you piece of mind about your child’s safety from harmful chemicals.



Durable aluminum frame, on 4 air tires (12”), all wheels are fixed (no swivel), soft and comfortable suspension on spring arms, adjustable handle covered in eco-leather, central-wire brake. Optional universal or Maxi-Cosi car seat adapters attach to the stroller frame.

Bassinet has a new shape, it is suitable from birth to around 5-8 months, adjustable headrest, cotton interior lining, quiet canopy folding system, removable cover, soft mattress. Can be mounted forward or backward facing.

Seat is suitable from around 4-6 months to about 3-4 years (15kg/33lb), adjustable backrest, adjustable separate footrest, flat recline position, folding and removable canopy, boot cover, 5-point harness. Can be mounted forward or backward facing.

Stroller comes with a wired shopping basket underneath, with an additional bag for smaller items.



Junama SPORT ha en europeisk ECE R44/04 sikkerhetssertifikat.

Garanti 12 mnd. 

Leveringstid 1-3 uker. Se mer på :


Tako (owner of Junama brand) is a Polish company producing strollers and items for children. More than 20 years of experience allows you to create products safe and comfortable. Tako is well- known brand in the world thanks to innovation, original design and quality. 

Junama brand is an exceptional and unique exclusive products targeted to the unique clients who appreciate good taste and the latest technology.

Junama is characterized by its sophisticated and thoughtful solutions that facilitate the use of the stroller.



2016 Junama SPORT klassisk duovogn.


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Pris: 6900.00 nok

Produktet tilgjengelig. Leveringstid: 7-14 dager. Se flere detaljer på :