Madrass Bobo Latex + Memory


Madrass Bobo Latex + Memory

   Latex foam is a mixture of synthetic latex milk of a natural rubber tree. It is characterized by high flexibility, so that adapts perfectly to the body shape and thus ensures proper blood circulation. It is a very durable material fact does not change its parameters for many years. Best materials for mattresses production.

   Washable - by using the portion lock on the whole of the mattress it is possible to wash half of the cover, while use of the second portion.
   The optimum temperature of the mattress both the summer and winter.

   Orthopedic properties, very precise load distribution and relief for aching body parts.

   The mattress ensures proper airflow which prolongs its life and a high level of hygiene.

  Polyurethane foams HR type - highly-flexible, robust, are intended mainly for the production of comfortable mattresses. HR foam is a cellular material with a smooth texture and irregular structure. It is characterized by high flexibility and dynamic behavior after removing the load, ensuring high comfort. Foams of this type have excellent air permeability, tensile strength and rapidly regain their original shape after the intensive compression.filled latex make it very hygienic pads.

   The hole in the foam allows free exchange of air and heat causing the mattress to breathe. Antibacterial and antifungal filled latex make it very hygienic pads. 


Bobo Latex + Memory MATTRESS DOUBLE

Overall height -  13-14 cm (depends on latex foam layer)


The construction of the mattress:

- 8 cm highly elastic foam HR30 as a support and resilient carrier / layer

- 2 cm thermo-elastic foam lining VC 50 is the mattress so that his surface was friendly and cozy for sleeping baby

- 2 cm in latex (perforated) - ideal support for the spine its flexibility and resistance to squeezing, without loss of hardness.



Adjust the height of the latex foam according to discretion, weight and age of the child.
For small babie/newborn - 2cm of latex er recommended,

20 months baby or older - 3 cm.  



quilted, anti-allergy cover with cotton terry cloth, sewn zipper pouch for easy removal and washing                     


 High Resilience Foam HR - 30 highly elastic comfortable foam mattresses.  

In conjunction with the  thermoelastic foam VC 50 creates a very comfortable, stable and cozy mattress for newborns and children. Should be added here that foam mattresses are used as padded as incubators for premature babies.

Latex foam is the "queen foams" the most durable and cushioning material used in the manufacture of mattresses.Our latex is additionally perforated, provides  ventilation for the skin, it adapts perfectly to the shape of the body.  



The amount of hardness zones - mattress without zones. Mattresses with zones are not recommended for children, especially for babies.

The degree of hardness - average standard, up to 35 - 40 kg weight of the child


  Warranty - 2 years

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